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A. & H. Meyer Product

A. & H. Meyer is a leading manufacturer of a cable management system for office furniture operating internationally with representatives worldwide; A. & H. Meyer boasts a client list that includes blue chip corporations and globally renowned furniture manufacturers alike. Our products are manufactured in accordance with the relevant international electrical and safety standards and meet the quality requirements of ISO 9001 certification. Our products include:


Dri-Rod - Dehumidifier Rod

Dri-Rod is the best selling made in USA dehumidity rod for the purpose of elimination of moisture.  Dri-Rod is used in

  • Gun Safe - protecting the gun or rifle from rust;
  • wardrobe - preventing mildew on your expensive favourite clothing especially your leather jacket;
  • Luxury bags & shoes cabinet;
  • Below sink in kitchen & bathroom;
  • Different part of your luxury boat;
  • Important document and valuable from moisture;
  • Piano from rust and often tuning etc.. 

Davis - Underfloor Trunking System | Power Distribution System

DAVIS is renowned for its underfloor trunking system and is also one of the world's premier manufacturers for efficient Power Distribution System.