DAVIS new maintenance free epoxy insulated Power Busway System is introduced to meet the requirement of the latest power distribution specification. The Davis Power Busways is developed for easy installation in different site condition for the purpose of efficient power distribution. The product is available from 100A to 6300A rated sandwiched type at 690VAC in a polyphase system.

The low ampere air insulated with epoxy insulation busway from DAVIS Compact Busway system are designed to distribute electrical energy. This economical and efficient energy distribution busway design is widely use in area such as:

  • textile mills;
  • small medium;
  • mid size industries,
  • assembly lines;
  • shopping malls, and 
  • commercial building.


Compliance of design standards
IEC 61439-1:2011 –  Low Voltage Switchgear and Controlgear Assemblies
IEC 61439-6:2012 –  Specific requirements for busway
IEC 60947-2:2003 –  Circuit Breakers
IEC 60331 & BS 6387 –  Resistance to Fire
IEC 60529:2001 –  Degree of Ingress Protection
Short Circuit Capacity Up to 150kA
System voltages 690VAC at 50Hz or 60Hz frequency
Operating voltages 1000VAC at 50Hz or 60Hz frequency
Busbar Conductor
Copper 99.98% (Composition) >98% IACS (Conductivity)
Aluminium 99.98% (Composition) >61% IACS (Conductivity)
Current rating
Compact Type
100A – 800A for copper conductor
100A – 630A for aluminium conductor
Sandwich Type
400A – 6300A for copper conductor
400A – 5500A for aluminium conductor
Type of insulation Epoxy Class “F” (155°C) or Class “H” (180°C)
Busway enclosures Galvanised Steel, Extruded Aluminium and Stainless Steel
Housing finishing Epoxy polyester powder coated
Ingress of protection Indoor Installation IP42/43/44/55 & Outdoor Installation IP65/66/67

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