DRI-ROD Dehumidifier Rod for Bags & Shoes Cabinet

Why Do You Need Dehumidifier In Bags & Shoes Cabinet?

As everyone knows a high humidity causes mold spores to breed. Excessive mold causes one to feels nausea, headaches, fatigue, tinging, numbness etc.. The list goes on. In order to prevent mold growth, one has to bring down humidity level. 

Leather shoes and leather bags hold moisture. An under favourable condition mildew will grow and natural leather consists of mold friendly nutrients. Therefore if you want to keep your favourite expensive leather bags, shoes and jackets mildew free, it help to keep the material clean and dry.

In high humidity areas such as Singapore have humidity as high as 90% relative humidity. Imagine all your branded handbags and shoes collections affected by mildew. These affected valuable items turn moldy, bad odours, discolouring etc.. 

These damages affect value of the items and your time to clean-up, repair or maintenance. It is necessary to invest in good  quality dehumidifier to preserve your precious expensive bags and shoes. 

There are many dehumidifier you can consider and we strongly recommend you consider DRI-ROD dehumidifier rod. DRI-ROD dehumidifier rod works differently as compared to other dehumidifier.  Desiccant dehumidifier such as "Hungry Hippo" absorb water content from the air, whereas DRI-ROD dehumidifier rod warm the air in cabinet keeping the relative humidity below 50°

As the air is warmed, its relative humidity decreases and it becomes lighter and less dense so it rises to the upper section of the enclosed space. At the same time, cooler, denser, moist air sinks to the bottom where it is warmed again in a continuous cycle to keep your stored valuables protected from the ravages of moisture and humidity    

Example 1 of DRI-ROD dehumidifier rod installed in Bags & Shoes cabinet.

Recommended wiring diagram for single and multiple DRI-ROD Dehumidifier rods installation. Click here to view Wiring Instructions