DRI-ROD Dehumidifier Rod for GUN SAFE

Why is it important to invest in a SAFE for gun?

In fact, it should be mandatory for all gun owner to have a GUN SAFE. Owning a gun safe is a responsibility and it is essentially a MUST when you own a rifle or handgun, as it make a difference between safety to you and also to your loved one.

There are people who questions whether it's worth the expense or hassle of getting a GUN SAFE, and the answer is a resounding "YES".  There are just too many benefits and drawbacks for not having one.

The GUN SAFE can just be a solid strong box or a tall standing vault for pistols and long rifles.

Why do guns rust?

A quality firearm should give you decades of reliable usage. This only happen if the firearm is maintained and stored properly. Firearms (pistols, rifles and shotguns) all uses metal components for its parts. That is, guns are made of steel, which is an iron alloy. With oxygen in the atmosphere and humidity in air it will eventually going to rust. Stainless steel guns is not rust proof but just rust resistant. Therefore without proper care and storage it will eventually susceptible to rust. 

Therefore, it is essential to clean your gun regularly and especially after firing.  

Following steps to follow help to prevent RUST.

  • Stay out of wet weather: Try to avoid rain, snow or moisture outdoor. Water media will accelerate rust and tarnish quickly if being exposed directly. If you are outdoor and begin to rain, make sure you cover the gun and keep it dry. What if it is already wet, then dry it thoroughly as soon as possible.
  • Clean your gun regularly: It is essential for gun owner to clean their gun regularly, removing built-up of burnt gunpowder and carbon debris that may cause moisture to be trapped.
  • Use high quality anti-rust oil spray: When cleaning your firearm, it is always a very good ideas to use light layer of high quality oil. 
  • Reduce humidity: All it takes a smallest amount of water content include water vapor in the air to come in contact with your firearm to begin the rusting processes. According to National Firearm Museum,  firearms is best store at a relative humidity of 50%. Higher relative humidity may start the rust processes. Firearms should only be stored in a dry location. You do not need to see visually water and all it takes is humidity in the air to cause RUST. 

DRI-ROD dehumidifier rod - that eliminate moisture inside your gun safe.

We strongly recommend using DRI-ROD dehumidifier rod that you can installed inside your gun safe.  DRI-ROD dehumidifier rod is very easily to install and most of all, after installation you just leave it in there (installed and forget). 

DRI-ROD, dehumidifying rod is

  • Maintenance free;
  • No noise;
  • Very low power consumption;
  • Easy to install. You can even do-it-yourself if the safe already come with hole in it; 
  • Its seem to operate forever. Our first DRI-ROD installation is still working;

Of course, there are many other dehumidifiers in market such as

  • Portable dehumidifier
    • CONS - remove water occasionally, higher power consumption and occupy space;
  • Desiccant dehumidifier type such "Hungry Hippo"
    • CONS - check frequently when the salt absorbing the moisture completely dissolved. If completely dissolved, it should immediately replace with a new one.  Therefore you have to buy plenty of desiccant dehumidifier at home to replace periodically.  WHAT HAPPEN YOU COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN TO CHANGE THE DEHUMIDIFIER?
  • Rechargeable type of dehumidifier 
    • CONS - similar problem as Desiccant type of dehumidifier.  Frequent checking on the indicator is required as it show you when to recharge this dehumidifier. 



Recommended wiring diagram for single and multiple DRI-ROD Dehumidifier rods installation. Click here to view Wiring Instructions