DRI-ROD Dehumidifier Rod for Camera & accessories

Why do you need a DRI-ROD dehumidifier rod for your camera and accessories?

If you live somewhere that tends to be very humid, you might want to consider how you store your cameras and lens to ensure that it is protected from moisture. Doing that will protect the camera and accessories for a long long time.

Mold and mildew are enemy of you camera and lenses. If your lenses are exposed to moisture for sometimes, you most likely to see fungus growing inside the lenses especially the old ones. 

DIY A Camera Dry Camera Box using DRI-ROD Dehumidifier ROD

You can built a great Camera Dry Cabinet Box yourself.  Such as purchasing a cabinet from IKEA or a neighbour furniture shop. Then you get DRI-ROD Dehumidifier ROD and install it at the bottom of the cabinet.  The dehumidifier rod size depend on the size of the cabinet.  You can place a hygrometer inside the cabinet to check on the relative humidity.  Do contact us for more information and enquiries.

Spoiled Camera Dry Box

A good camera dry box is expensive.  If your camera dry box is defective, you do not need to throw that expensive box away or buy a new one.  Consider installing a DRI-ROD Dehumidifier Rod in the box and give your camera dry box or cabinet a second life. Do make sure a get the correct DRI-ROD Dehumidifier Rod size for your requirement.  Do contact us for more information.

Travelling Overseas For Photography Assignment

Camera and its accessories are very expensive equipment.  If you are going to a high humidity environment for some photography assignment or travelling there for long holiday, you naturally want to protect your camera from moisture. DRI-ROD Dehumidifier Rod is your answer. You can easily bring along a DRI-ROD rod dehumidifier and put it in an enclosed hotel wardrobe. The dehumidifier rod will protect your expensive camera and its accessories even you are overseas.  Do contact us is you need more information.

Recommended wiring diagram for single and multiple DRI-ROD Dehumidifier rods installation. Click here to view Wiring Instructions