Why Do You Need Dehumidifier In Piano?

DRI-ROD dehumidifier rod the Piano Saver

You have invested substantial sum of money in a high quality piano for yourself or your family member. Therefore keeping your piano in good condition is very important. Occasional tuning and cleaning will keep your piano in tip top condition. Therefore with proper maintenance piano can last for generation and even a good resell value.

But if you are in humid area like in South East Asia, where humidity can goes as high as 90° Relative Humidity.  When piano owner start to notice rust on string. Normally you will find rust appearing especially at the treble strings, being a bare steel. Rust can cause the piano to fall out of tune quickly, and eventually breakage of string.

To all piano owner, you do NOT need to see rust before you want to take any action. You may have your piano in a air conditioner room and the air conditioner act as a dehumidifier, but if you switches off the air conditioner, water condenses. Water condensation is no good for the metal parts of the piano. 

Being in high humidity area, you do not want to take any chance with RUST.  We strongly recommend you to install DRI-ROD dehumidifier rod to arrest the rust problem. The DRI-ROD dehumidifier rod warm the air within the piano, thus regulating the temperature and keeping the relative humidity consistent. The best way to prevent rust.


Recommended wiring diagram for single and multiple DRI-ROD Dehumidifier rods installation. Click here to view Wiring Instructions