Transmits sound and image in best quality…

VGA cable

15-pole VGA male - 15-pole VGA male

DVI cable

DVI-D (24+5) male-male

HDMI Cable

HDMI male - male

Display Port

Display Port male-male

Video cable (S-Video)

S-Video male - S-Video Male

Video Cable (Cinch)

Cinch male - Cinch male

Audio Cable (Cinch)

Cinch male L+ R - Cinch male L+ R

XLR Cable

XLR jack - XLR jack

Audio Cable

3.5 mm jack stereo - 3.5 mm jack stereo


Here's the power…

Starter Cables

Starter Cables with international plugs
With connectors or free end for hard wiring.

Connector Cables

Connector cables available in various configuration
Connector cable male-female, can be customized or moulded


Installation system for buildings.
Complete protection against accidental contact


Always remain connected…

Patch Cable

RJ45 from Cat. 5 - Cat. 6
GG45 Cat. 7

USB Cable

USB 2.0
USB 3.0